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Office of Chief Counsel

The Office of Chief Counsel is the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary’s overall lead legal counsel.

What you need to know

The Auxiliary Chief Counsel (ANACO-CC) serves as an advisor to the NACO and Chief Director on all Auxiliary issues and is responsible for all Auxiliary legal matters at the national level. The Auxiliary Office of Chief Counsel also includes a Deputy Chief Counsel and three Assistant Chief Counsel, each Assistant Chief Counsel working in a designated Coast Guard area.

District Staff Legal Officers (DSO-LP) are appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, their District Commodore (DCO). If a DSO-LP, or DCO, needs assistance regarding an Auxiliary legal matter in their District, they should contact the designated area Assistant Chief Counsel. If a legal issue involves a national matter or is required by the Auxiliary Manual to be handled at a national level, it should be sent to the Auxiliary Chief Counsel.

National Staff should use their chain of leadership and administration to contact the Deputy Chief Counsel concerning legal matters. National leaders should contact the Chief Counsel concerning legal matters. As stated in the Auxiliary Manual, standardized unit Standing Rules are required for all Auxiliary units. The template for standardized unit Standing Rules on this page have been approved by the Auxiliary National Board and, with the options selected (filling-in the open areas designated by lines within the parameters set by the Auxiliary Manual), must be affirmed by a two-thirds majority vote of the unit governing body. No Auxiliary unit amendments to the standardized unit Standing Rules are permitted. Appendices to Auxiliary unit Standing Rules concerning matters local in nature may be adopted as addressed in the Auxiliary Manual.

National Legal Officers

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