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Welcome to the Member Deck. This page is designed to help you find key resources on the National website. If you have any recommendations for the National website please tell us here. If you have an issue or need help please file a help desk ticket.


Start with three key resources for all members

If you are new to the site we recommend you focus on three areas that are relevant to all members.

Human Resources (H) DirectorateContains references for new membersinformation on uniforms, and a resource toolkit.

Training (T) Directorate: Contains a wealth of training information. Start with the training compendium (pdf), the online classroom, the National Testing Center (NTC), and information on Mandated Training/AuxLMS (pdf).

Chief Director (CHDIRAUX/BSX): The Chief Director’s website isn’t part of the Auxiliary website but it contains a wealth of information including key manuals, the ALAUX archives, and the ribbon checker.

Next focus on your area of interest

Focus on your program area of interest by learning about the associated qualifications and program details.

Useful resources

Finding the latest news

Understanding the big picture

Auxiliary National leadership: Meet our senior national leadership. 

Currents: This weblog contains messages to the membership from the National leadership and team.

Auxiliary Strategic Plan 2014-2020: The strategic plan documents the path forward for the Auxiliary until 2020.

Additional key sites

AuxDirectory: This is our master directory for all members, our offices, and the qualifications we hold. This is your first stop for finding members and member leaders by unit or member number.

Communities of Interest (Beta)These are online guided forums for the membership, currently in beta status with a limited set of forums.

Forms warehouse: Much of our activity has related PDF and/or online forms. The forms pages have all the details.

District websites: Every member is a member of a District. Be sure to visit your District's site regularly. You can also find any Auxiliary Flotilla on this page.

Help deskThe Auxiliary's National Help Desk is set up to answer queries about the Coast Guard Auxiliary that members of the Auxiliary have not been able to have answered by Coast Guard and Auxiliary reference materials (e.g., web sites, manuals, instructions), Auxiliary parallel staffing, and the Auxiliary chain of leadership and management.

KnowledgeBase: The Knowledgebase is a searchable set of frequently asked questions.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: August 22, 2015