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CG&AUX Magazines, Newsletters, Forms, and Directives


Find the latest Magazines & Newsletters or look for that really good article in a back issue.

Locate Forms used Coast Guard Auxiliary-wide, including ANSC, ICS, SF,and DHS, available for reference, viewing, and use by the general public.

Select Directives to reference a Coast Guard Manual, Instruction, or Notice.

Select Doctrine to reference a Coast Guard doctrine Publication or Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures document.

See how the Coast Guard’s Records Management program is promoting record maintenance and security as well as preserving agency history.

Read the newest Internet releasable Coast Guard general record message traffic items on the announcements site. Messages are grouped by type.

Photos, Audio, Video, and More

Logon to the US Coast Guard Visual Imagery (CGVI) Library by using CG Photos link on the left. See pictures and images of the Coast Guard in action.

Looking for pictures of the men and women of the Coast Guard Auxiliary? Use the CG Auxiliary Photos link to see photos of our volunteer force doing their very import work.

Spice up that boring PC desktop wallpaper with images from recent Coast Guard operations and missions.

Help the children learn about the Coast Guard by downloading a coloring book or paper model. Fun and Educational for children of any age.

Visit CG Graphics to download drawings of cutters and aircraft, Coast Guard Unit logos, rank and rate insignias, etc.

Digital Communications

Podcast Options Video Podcasts are online video programs that you can listen to on your personal computer or portable devices known as podcatchers. Owners of these devices can set their computers to download automatically the latest programs from any podcaster. Think of these podcasts as portable on-demand video; they’re delivered to you, and you can listen to them at your leisure

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